We are always looking for opportunities to give back to our community. Feel free to contact us with any events you know of that would benefit from our services: (503) 526-8782.


Corporate Health Fair Involvement – Intel, Adidas, Volkswagon, McAfee, Merrill Lynch

On site consultations with employees discussing health lifestyle, pain management techniques, and proper ergonomics


The Courts – Beaverton Oregon

Health consultations and on site assessment of injuries for basketball/volleyball leagues and CEVA Junior Volleyball tournaments


Posture Evaluations

Utilization of digital posture evaluation software to assess postural imbalances and educate the public on the progressive structural impact of postural imbalance. Recent locations include Cedar Hills Crossing, LA Fitness, Volkswagon Financial, and Wilshire Credit.


Blood Pressure Evaluations

Complimentary evaluations at Health Food Market – discussing lifestyle and dietary recommendations/modifications based on blood pressure readings.


Core Ball Stability Classes

Developed and taught core ball stability classes in small group format as a means to strengthen core muscles and prevent lumbar and soft tissue injuries.


Salvation Army Drug / Alcohol Rehabilitation Outreach

Volunteer providing chiropractic care to clinic patients and staff.


St Joseph’s Housing Consortium

Volunteer providing chiropractic care for St Joseph’s residents.